College of Bishops


MOTTO: Confirming That Which The Lord Has Given


Our journey began on December 20, 2014 when Archbishop Prof. Prince Nnams Nmecha, a Professor Emeritus at Great Achievers University College and Seminary (Spain), Presiding Archbishop of United Nations Council of Churches Network and Ministerial Fellowship, an International Evangelist and Church Planter, with Healing and deliverance ministries, author of bestselling books, husband of one wife, a father of highly disciplined children, a man who has preached for over thirty-five (5) years and travelled to over a hundred countries with the word of God, with the assistance of United Nations Joint College of Apostles and Bishops, in the presence of over six hundred pastors and church members, consecrated Rt. Rev. Dr. Kwame Aburam Anoff as a Bishop at Proving God Bible Ministry, Dome-Pillar 2, opposite No Visa, Accra, Ghana. This bishopric consecration had been prophetically declared five (5) years before it happened.

The consecration was followed by a mandate from Archbishop Prof. Prince Nnams Nmecha to galvanize, organize, train and provide bishopric services and leadership to all pastors who will submit to him and to carry on in crusades, workshops, conferences, teaching, ordination, and certification. Inherent in the mandate, is the need to ensure discipline and orderliness in the house of God especially among those who volunteer to be members of the United College of Bishops and Apostles (UCOBA). Also, to encourage pastors to plant churches and reach out on missions instead of grandstanding and building personal empires.

Membership into the college is either by adoption or consecration.

OUR VISION: To be dependable pastors to younger pastors and to bring decency to the clergy and ministry.

OUR MISSION: To remove anything that seeks to stop a pastor


1. Fellowship with one another at least bi-monthly

2. Exchange pulpits

3. Mutual assistance to one another

4. Organize beneficial educational tours to network and strengthen other clergies

5. Promote global evangelism

6. Help indigent members of the public create and share wealth together

7. Speak out in the face of injustice in the society


1. We are not a Political Party

2. We are not a Social Club

3. We are not a Secret Society

4. We are not Bonded by Fashion

5. We are neither a Military or Para-military

6. We are not discriminatory on grounds of Gender or Race

7. We are not out to replace any other National bodies of Christian Ministers. Rather, we collaborate with existing groups to move the Kingdom of God forward.


1. We encourage one another

2. We tell each other the truth

3. We invest in posterity

4. We recognize and treat every member as a leader in his or her own right

5. We cry and laugh together

6. We empower each other morally and financially

7. We respect ourselves. We do not invite ourselves to or impose ourselves on people and their congregation. Individually and collectively, we do not go to where we are not invited.


1. Normally, reserved for a Christian of not less than fifteen (15) years as a minister and twenty (20) years as a Christian. Not a novice in any way.

2. Must apply and be recommended by a member, screened, adopted, consecrated or enthroned by this College of Bishops.

3. Must subscribe to our tenets of faith.

4. Must be a generous person.

5. Must conform to 1 Timothy 3:1-7

6. Must be a proven leader of men.

7. Must believe in teamwork. Neither self-opinionated nor a lone ranger.

8. Must have been to a Bible College and may hold a Doctorate degree in Church Affairs.

9.  Women and men leaders, as well as three pastors from his/her congregation, shall recommend him or her as well.

10. Must pay approved fees for each occasion.

11. Must have evidence of church planting.

12. Must not have another god apart from Jehovah.


  1. General meeting held bi-monthly (six times a year)
  2. Not more than two hours per sitting, preferably during or before any college event.
  3. Non-emergency meetings need 21 days’ notice.
  4. Emergency meetings need 48 hours’ notice.
  5. All meetings must include a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes of exhortation and prayers.
  6. All minutes must have a pre-circulated agenda.
  7. A decision shall be by a consensus or simple majority.
  8. No one is expected to speak when another is speaking and all must address the Executive Chairperson when talking.
  9. Potential absentees must communicate either in writing or text before the meetings commence.
  10. Minutes must be taken and circulated.


  1. Adoptions and elevations shall be attended by a minimum of two (2) representative bishops.
  2. Consecration and enthronement shall be attended by a minimum of three (3) bishops carefully selected and rotated to include all nationals.
  3. Conventions come up once a year in each country.
  4. Global consultation of Bishops takes place every two (2) years by rotation.
  5. Bishops Conference shall hold regularly from time to time to enable iron sharpeneth iron.
  6. Geographical sub-groups are allowed. No political sub-groups, please.
  7. Special events to cater to social responsibilities, widows, orphans and other needs are to be arranged from time to time.
  8. The college shall hold crusades where feasible.


  1. The Bible says there shall be no barren woman in the house of God. Any bishop that fails to beget another bishop is barren.
  2. Any Bishop that begets twenty-four (24) other bishops directly (grooms, recommends or sponsors) is qualified to be an Archbishop. Due diligence shall be followed to confirm him.
  3. A person shall be confirmed a Cardinal when he or she has begotten a minimum of twelve (12) Archbishops within the College.
  4. A person becomes Bishop Emeritus at Seventy-five (75) years old.


  1. Occasional but continuous training.
  2. Credibility.
  3. Covering.
  4. Certification.
  5. A revival of one’s ministry through pulpit exchange.
  6. Financial empowerment through guided tours.
  7. Mutual contribution.
  8. Spiritual empowerment through prayer retreats.
  9. Mutual intercession.
  10. Exchange of ideas with experienced Bishops.
  11. Global connections.
  12. Globalization of your ministry to fulfill Matt. 28:19.
  13. Peer review.
  14. Mutual Care.
  15. Sponsorship of wife, children, and dependents,
  16. Mentorship.
  17. Superior Counselling.
  18. Greater opportunity to serve in the Lord’s vineyard.
  19. Encouragement to write and publish books, films, e. t. c.
  20. Increased opportunity to help your community.
  21. Others to be worked from time to time.


1. Enables performance of legal ceremonies, weddings, and funerals (License and Ordinations).

2. It provides access to jails, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric centers, and other institutions with restricted access.

3. Furnishes channels for ministry outreach.

4. Provides church problem mediation, by district committee members and presbyters.

5. Offers Pastoral retreats and opportunities through UCOBA.

6. Supplies apostolic leaders and elders to assist you.

7. Introduces missionary, pastor and teaching situations.

8. It provides an information clearinghouse for things of interest to ministers.

9. Provides training seminars and ministry enhancement opportunities.

10. Sponsors annual and periodic conferences to gather fellowship members.

11. Provides a system of connection and endorsement for UCOBA affiliated churches.


1. The requirement to Receive Credentials:

A. Born of the Spirit-baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

B. Comply with scriptural requirements of church leadership (e. g. 1Timothy 3).

C. Be actively engaged in a specific ministry beyond typical church involvement:

i. Able Workers Certificate – ministry of help or support ministry

ii. Ministry License – Office of Apostle, Bishop, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher (Ephesians 4:11)

iii. Ordination – Fulltime Pastoral or Senior Ministry Leadership.

a. Transferred from another organization and or.

b. Show evidence of fruit of your ministry and need for ordination.

D. Be currently involved in or immediately entering into a definable ministry of greater responsibility, then that which is expected of all members of the body of Christ, and provided a written description of your ministry.

E. Be currently involved with and submitted to a local church.

F. Be examined and approved by a Bishop, Apostle or a member of the UCIA or UCOBA fellowship.

2. Purpose:

To provide legal and spiritual recognition and oversight, thus affirming the calling and ministry from God and agreeing with local church appointment and commissioning, and to assist ministers in the fulfillment of their call.

3. Methods:

A. Obtain and complete the application form. All requested information must be provided.

B. Contact District Coordinator closest to you for personal interview (if known).

C. Forward the completed application to UCIA/UCOBA headquarters or your District Coordinator.

D. UCIA /UCOBA leadership will prayerfully review the application and make reference inquiries in determining the issuance of Credentials.

NOTE: You will be notified by the Home Officer or District Coordinator of the status of your application. Approximate time for processing is three to six weeks.

We want you to partner with us, either as an Observer or a Member. Please contact us