Clergy Council

Out of the passion to help Pastors who have the heart to do the work of God and do not know how to go about it, UNITED CLERGY INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION was born.

The organization is a Ministerial body as well as a Seminary offering various programs in Episcopal and Apostolic Training, Theology, Ministerial and Biblical Studies. The U. C. I. A. is an association of distinguished Christian Ministers and Leaders. It was fully registered, incorporated and certified by the Ghana Government in the year 2014. We have been empowered to Ordain, Elevate, Commission, Install, Induct and Honour Called Ones. This will enable them to fulfill the call of God upon their lives and also to associate with other Ministers of God.

In the pursuance of our objectives as Ministers ordained into the body of Christ and Christianity, to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have resolved to fashion out this to guide and regulate our activities, promote the welfare and have mutual support for each other and the peace of members. The Association shall be an integral part of the Bible College for the avoidance of doubts; it shall be subjected to the decision of the Executive Chairman who is the head of the Bible College. The Association shall submit its visions, budgets, programs, and nomination of its executives to the hierarchy for approval.

The Association shall be strictly non-political and shall have the following aims and objectives. It shall:

  1. Establish and conduct the activities of the Association
  2. Unite pastors within the jurisdiction of the Association and to cultivate friendship and assist each other
  3. Do all things to promote the welfare and interest of the members
  4. Regulate relationship and settle disputes between members of the Association and their congregation
  5. Maintain fair, just and sound doctrines and to see that every member holds to the professional ethics of the Association
  6. Acquire, hold and dispose of both moveable and immovable properties and to invest and reinvest the funds of the Association effectively
  7. Provide legal advice or assistance to members in connection to their ministration when the Association deem it expedient
  8. Promote the interest of members and other organizations with similar objectives to secure united action on issues affecting or likely to affect these interest
  9.  Assist the activities of the Academic Board and to assist the Seminary financially whenever it becomes necessary
  10. Give recommendation before the renewal of licenses for members of the Association
  11. Ultimately provide members with any or all the following benefits and such others which the Association may decide from time to time. Example: relief in sickness, accident, distress, death, etc


Membership is open to all members of the Elohim Theological College and Seminary as well as other clergy members who are of good standing and of sound mind.

  1. An amount of GH 500 / USD$ 150 including dues for the first year would be paid as a new member from other fellowships. The new member will then be given a dues book, license certificate and license ID card and would be expected to pay welfare dues of GH50 / USD$ 30 for the rest of the year before he or she can receive all other benefits
  2. Membership is also by induction
  3. Members shall actively participate in the association’s programs and contribute spiritually, financially and physically to the growth of the Association
  4. Any member who absents his or her self from the Association meetings for three (3) months without any reason loses his or her privileges and voting rights
  5. Any member who absents his or her self from meetings without permission shall be liable to a fine of GH50 / USD$ 30 before he or she is reinstated


Every duly registered member is required by the provision of the constitution to be present and punctual at all meetings. Except in extreme cases beyond one’s control or where permission has been sought from Executives. Members who due to any reasonable course cannot meet their financial obligations shall write to the Executives for exemption and each shall be considered on its own merit.

  1. The Association shall be financed by members through dues, levies, voluntary gifts, and other contribution either in cash or kind as may be determined by Executives
  2. The funds of the Association shall be deposited with the bank, that is both Savings and Current Accounts as may be decided by the Executives and shall be operated by the Executives Chairman and Financial Director
  3. The Executive Chairman shall be a mandatory signatory to all accounts
  4. The Association shall make free-will offerings at every meeting
  5. Every member will pay monthly dues of GH₵ 20 / USD$ 20

Any member of good standing in the Association, regular at meetings and fulfills all his or her financial obligations to the Association “and has been in the Association for not less than two years” is eligible to serve on the Executive Committee. The number of years required may however differ if the Association is less than two years.


The creating of campuses is the sole responsibility of the Executive Chairman who is the head of the Seminary and also in charge of ordinations. Members in good standing can be appointed as Campus Directors upon the recommendation of good standing members.

The College of Ordination shall be headed by Campus Directors upon the recommendation of good standing members.

The College of Ordination shall be headed by Campus Directors and the duration, of course, shall be between 3 – 6 months. Campus Directors are to work with members who want to work with them. There will be no interference from the Executive Director.

In the event of Graduation and Ordination, 25% of the proceeds go to the coffers of the Association and the rest divided among those involved in the organization of the program.

Products of the campus who wants to join the Association shall abide by the dictates of the constitution. Every Campus shall choose its executives with the approval of the Executive Director to run their Association. The main dues (monthly) are brought to the Association while the welfare dues are kept at the branch for the welfare of the branch members. The Chairperson shall supervise the disbursement of funds. The funds shall be disbursed only for the promotion, welfare, and interest of the Association.

  1. All Executives shall run for a term of three (3) years. They shall be eligible for re-election
  2. No Executive shall serve more than two consecutive terms in any case
  3. The Association shall have a permanent office with two workers. Remuneration shall be decided and approved by the Executives

Should any or all Executive members prove transparently ineffective, dishonest and with questionable character, a vote of no confidence shall be passed by two-thirds of members present and voting at a meeting to remove the offender(s)

Notwithstanding anything contained in the above to the contrary, membership shall cease on the occurrence of any of the following events;

  1. Membership is automatically withdrawn upon the death of a fellow
  2. Any member who fails to renew the license
  3. Any member who does not come to meetings without any reasonable excuse for three times shall pay three months dues in addition to his or her dues and if the person does not pay, the membership is terminated.
  4. Any member that brings the name of the Association to a dispute (shame)
  5. Any member that does not operate under the dictates of the constitution
  6. Any member who does not pay dues for three (3) months without reason
  1. HEALTH: A member who will be admitted to the hospital or under herbal treatment shall be assisted as and when necessary. Such assistance shall be determined by the Executives
  • JOYFUL CEREMONIES: On the occasion of weddings or engagement of a member, a parcel under the recommendation of the Association shall be presented to him or her and an amount to be decided
  • DEATH OF A MEMBER: To be decided by Executives

TRANSFER / LEAVING: Any member leaving the Association shall serve the Executives with written notice of such intention before he or she leaves. The member will be presented with gifts as follows:

*Six (6) months or under one year shall be entitled to a gift or souvenir under the recommendation of the executives

*A member above one year shall be presented with a gift and an amount which shall be recommended by the members

It shall be the duty of all members to hold and maintain a high standard of discipline and cordial relationship among members and also in the community. Any breach of discipline shall be dealt with firmly, promptly and appropriately as may be decided by the executive committee. The Association shall hold the following meetings, i.e.: Executive, General and Emergency Meetings:

EXECUTIVE MEETINGS: The Executive shall meet before a General Meeting to prepare the agenda for the day’s meeting. All policies or decisions are subject to approval at the General Meeting and rectified by the Executive Chairman.

GENERAL MEETINGS: There shall be General Meetings for which all registered members are to attend and this shall be the last Saturday of every month. Six or half (which is less) shall form a quorum at general and business meetings on all members.

EMERGENCY MEETING: There shall be Emergency Meetings from time to time and it shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

The Executives shall put in place various committees as and when necessary. Such committees shall include: Welfare, Retreat, Discipline, etc

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Membership Requirement: